Weight Loss

I know how frustrating, heartbreaking, and soul-destroying it is to be overweight and I truly believe that weight loss is one of the most difficult things you can undertake. I’m finally having success at it and hope that sharing my story here will help you. If you would like a partner in weight loss, please see the end of this post.

After many years of trying everything out there, I *finally* found a weight loss method that works like no other. In fact, I lost 25 pounds in 1 month (June 2014)! I talk about it in THIS post.

In November 2014, I started my weight loss plan again and do weekly blog posts about it. The easiest way to find those – instead of scrolling through my entire blog – is to use the Categories drop-down in the right sidebar ->. Then click Weight Loss and all those posts will come up in a row. Don’t worry, there will be no disgusting “belly roll” photos, LOL. I have no desire to share photos of myself until there is an AFTER to go with the BEFORE ๐Ÿ™‚

In brief, the weight loss plan I use is based on IDEAL PROTEIN aka IP. Since there are none of these weight loss centers in my area, I’ve adapted the IP plan for my own use with alternative products I find online and at my grocery store. I also don’t follow the Ideal Protein plan requirements to a “T” but make adjustments to fit my own tastes and lifestyle. For instance, I don’t eat red meat so that takes a chunk of the available foods off my list. I do eat fish, chicken, pork, and seafood ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is one thing I use as a guideline: Phase 1 2014-06-25. It’s the Phase 1 protocol for Ideal Protein – in other words, a chart showing what and how you should eat daily until you reach goal weight. Please be patient; it can take a while to load.

As you see, it lists daily “Ideal Protein Food”. Since I don’t have access to an Ideal Protein weight loss center and they don’t sell their products online, I do “IP with alternatives” which means I find high-protein, low-carb/sugar, low-fat foods online and at the grocery store to stand in for and supplement IP packaged foods. Here is a chart for that:

ideal protein alternatives

I’ve printed 2 copies of each. They are hanging inside the door to my “diet food” cupboard for easy reference ๐Ÿ™‚ I also carry copies in my wallet for when I’m grocery shopping.

Regarding the Alternatives chart, sometimes I eat things that are “over limit” in one way or another and other times my foods fall neatly within them. The key is not to go too far off course or too often.

Here are 2 examples . . .

These chips fall within the Alternatives rules: Kay’s Naturals Protein Chips

At least 12 grams of protein (12 grams)
Calories between 70-160 (120 calories)
Unrestricted 8 or less net carbs/Restricted 9+ net carbs (11 net carbs so they’re Restricted)
30% or less calories from fat (25% of calories from fat)
No aspartame (none; they have a small amount of cane sugar)

However, this coconut milk does NOT fall within the Alternatives rules: Coconut Dream Enriched Coconut Drink, Unsweetened

At least 12 grams of protein (0 grams)
Calories between 70-160 (60 calories)
Unrestricted 8 or less net carbs/Restricted 9+ net carbs (1 net carb)
30% or less calories from fat (75% of calories from fat)
No aspartame (none)

So technically, on IP I shouldn’t have this coconut milk but I do anyway. FOR ME, it’s a good option. I don’t drink dairy milk and for the occasional bowl of IP cereal, I need a milk-like substance, LOL. Also, it’s vitamin-enriched, has 300 mg of calcium (which middle-aged women like me need), and falls well UNDER all the guidelines except for fat. I personally believe we need a certain level of fat in our diet – which IP severely restricts, and I get it – but I’m willing to stray from the guidelines a bit here and accept that my weight loss may not be as quick.

Those are the basics of my weight loss plan. Like I said, I’ll be blogging weekly on this topic and you can find those posts by clicking on the Weight Loss category in my right sidebar. I want to be a source of inspiration and support for YOU, and let you know you’re not alone and you can have weight loss success!

I’m not a doctor, not a medical person in any way, but I do provide (for a small fee) weight loss support and encouragement, if you’d like it. I’ll be your cheerleader and accountability partner! Just contact me and we can work it out, based on whatever you’re able to afford: erika@blessednotlucky.com.