Weight Loss: NSV (Non-Scale Victory) at the Doctor’s Office

Recently, I went to the doctor for a quick check-in on my hypothyroid. It’s the first time I’ve been in since my weight loss in June 2014. As I waited for the doctor to come into the exam room, I peeked at the computer screen which showed a summary of my last 4 visits.

Weight: Down 25 pounds
Blood pressure: Down substantially
Pulse: Down 20 points
BMI: Down several points


When the doctor came in, I told her, “I’ve lost a bit of weight and was peeking at how my numbers have gone down.” She looked at the screen and said, “You haven’t lost ‘a bit’ of weight. You’ve lost a LOT of weight!” She agreed that the weight loss is responsible for my numbers improving the way they have. Now, I’ll get some labs done to check cholesterol, A1c hemoglobin (blood sugar), etc. I haven’t been in the danger zone on those before but I sure don’t want to be! She and I are both sure those numbers have improved as well.

I also requested to have my vitamin D checked. She said vitamin D boosts your metabolism (and mine is already wonky because of hypothyroidism) which of course translates to: Vitamin D helps with weight loss! I thought I’d share that in case you want to check your vitamin D level 😉 I’m no doctor (nor do I play one on TV) so of course check with your doctor before taking anything, even vitamin D supplements.

Photo by:  Dominik Martin
*Photo by Dominik Martin via Unsplash.com

Back to my doctor . . . She had a big smile on her face the whole visit. My doctor is proud of me!!! She said I’m doing a great job and to keep it up. We’re both happy I’ve never needed to be on medications for things like blood pressure or diabetes and, with continued weight loss, most certainly won’t need to be.

I asked her about exercise because it’s still “the evil E word” to me ;P She said, yes, it’s good for overall health but that if I lost 25 pounds without it, that’s still awesome. Also, my resting pulse went down a lot and she said that without realizing it, I’m probably being more active just in general, walking faster, etc. because of the weight loss. So that was great to hear!

We set a goal for my final weight that would put me at my optimum BMI. It was 10 pounds less than I feel I’d be comfortable at but, hey, no worries! If I got to within 10 pounds of “ideal”, I’d be thrilled, mama! And I know my doctor would be, too.

I’m very, very happy and proud of my NSV: Improved health from weight loss. And that was only with 25 pounds! Can you imagine how much better things can get with even more?!?!? I thanked her for discussing the numbers with me. It’s so encouraging to see the improvement right there on the computer screen. If you haven’t discussed your lab results, etc. with your doctor (good or bad), I encourage you to do so. They’re a great barometer for how you’re doing and something you can track over time to see improvement and be encouraged by.

I wish the same success for you. Lose even just 10-15 pounds and you’ll see an improvement in your numbers, I’ll bet. You can DO this!