Please Fill Out This Quiz So I Know If We Can Be Friends

I’m a practical person. I don’t want to waste your time. I know there are lots of blogs you can interact with these days, so let’s just cut to the chase and see if we’re a good match.

Will you please take this quiz? Just pop your answers into Comments below 🙂

1. Do you think middle-aged women who watch The Real Housewives (from every city) are:
a) pathetic?
b) just seeking confirmation that their own lives are pretty good by comparison?

2. What is your position on decaffeinated coffee?
a) a good option

3. Are you:
a) a Cat Person?
b) a Dog Person?
Note: Keep in mind that cats are stuck-up brats and dogs are friendly slobbering idiots who only want to love you.

4. Do you:
a) pop out of bed on Saturday mornings, shower, and start your day?
b) find a way to justify staying in your pajamas as long as possible? And MIMOSAS!

5. Would you tend to:
a) ignore a stupid quiz on a some random blog?
b) feel sorry for the blogger and answer her silly questions so she feels validated?

Photo by:  Alejandro Escamilla
*Photo by Alejandro Escamilla, courtesy of

Okay, so you can be lazy and just put 1.a, 2.b, etc. Or you can give me a little detail on each answer so we can get to know each other.

{Psst! Hint: This is *another* test and way for me to see if we can be friends. So choose wisely, young lady. Just a tip}.

Thanks for answering my quiz questions! I’ll get back to you soon and let you know what I’ve decided about the status of our friendship.

Fingers crossed!