Mother’s Day 2014: Finding Meaning in an Unusual Place

I had visions of breakfast in bed followed by a family day in the sunshine at the beach.

Then I heard whispers of a college game that “everyone else” was going to except us. But it was on Mother’s Day so no one wanted to ask me if it was okay for them to go 🙂

I surprised them with tickets bought online – because that’s what mothers do, right? If they’re happy, I’m happy.

I sent them off, determined to enjoy a rare day of (non-work) quiet at home. As I drank my coffee, I got sucked into a movie called “Honeymoon for One” with the ever-terrible Nicolette Sheridan. But, hey, it was set in Ireland with all that pretty green scenery. And the love interest was a masculine Irishman with crinkly eyes.

So I put up with Nicolette.

Then “The Impossible” came on. I’d been afraid to watch it at the show. I heard it was very hard to watch. And it was.

There are heart-wrenching scenes of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. It’s really brutal to watch, actually. Kind of a strange way to spend Mother’s Day, I suppose.

But I came away with a reminder of – and deep sense of awe about – the power of family. Without exception, every person in the movie didn’t care about their things and all they had lost. They just wanted their family members.

The mother (the main character) is a doctor so I think it must’ve been the scariest for her. She knew how serious her injuries were and what was happening to her. She made huge sacrifices for her son.  And for a total stranger’s son.

I kept coming back to one of the opening lines of the movie. The resort porter is showing the family into their room. He asks where they are from (they’re British but living in Singapore for the husband’s job).

The porter looks to Maria (Naomi Watts) and says, “And do you work?” She shyly says, “I’m a doctor, not practicing right now. I’m taking care of the kids.”

He says, “Ah, I see you got promoted.”

And that’s exactly how I feel. There is no job on earth more important, or to be more proud of, than being a mother. And I am very blessed to be one.

Well, my family just called. They’re on the way home from the game, stopping to buy supplies to make me a spaghetti dinner. Can’t wait to hear about the game, see the smiles and sun-pinked noses, and get my hugs.

Happy Mother’s Day, my loves.