BnL Book Review: “Help, Thanks, Wow” by Anne Lamott

I read Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott last year but it came to my attention again because it’s a Kindle deal. You can get it here for only $2.75 right now.

help thanks wow anne lamott

I snagged it right away because I loved this book! It was one that I’d borrowed from the library and read through twice before I returned it 2 weeks later. And then I kept thinking about it for months. Yeah, it was THAT good. Plus, it’s a quick read. BONUS!

This is one of those books you want to shove in your friends’ faces and make them read – ha! Yes, it’s a book about prayer and spirituality but I think unless you’re really offended by those topics, you’ll enjoy it. Anne is SUCH a gifted writer. She puts big concepts like prayer, gratitude, amazement, and pleading for help into such real, everyday, meaningful terms that you can relate exactly to what she means.

I came away – both times I read it – laughing, appreciating life more, feeling sadness for people’s suffering but peace at the same time. I think it’s an especially good read for memorykeepers because we’re already the types who want to savor our “moments” and realize how quickly time passes, how blessed we are even in our struggles, and are looking for meaning in how we live our lives.

So PLEASE read this book! It’s quick but powerful. I think you’ll love it like I did. And it’s cheap right now. No brainer.