Travel Photos: Sacramento, CA – Fall 2014

When I think of Sacramento, I think of rivers. It’s the capital city of California and it grew up around where two major rivers meet: the American River and the Sacramento River. So pretty much anywhere you go in town, you’re never too far from one of them. This is looking up the Sacramento River with the American right behind me, at Discovery Park. There are lots more photos of this amazing park below.


We stayed in one the many Victorian mansions that have been converted into hotels and B&B’s. They do a lot of weddings at this one; here’s the lobby.


We headed to Old Sacramento and had lunch on the Delta King . . . oh so nice to sit on the water, in the warm sunshine, and enjoy a nice meal and cold drink. We watched the Tower Bridge lift up so a boat could cruise under. This bridge for years was always more of a deep orange color but they now paint it gold and I’m not a fan of the new look 🙁


There’s a great Railroad Museum in Old Sac. We didn’t make it there but this Mr. Train was posing for us outside the Delta King.


We made a stop at Sock City. Yep, a store with nothing but socks! It was crazy and all I could think was, “I’m so glad I don’t work here!” Can you imagine?? “Do you have any socks with Scotty dogs?” “Do you have socks with ballerinas?” “Where are your San Francisco Giants socks??” Oh my gosh, I would panic! Now I know I saw those somewhere …. ha!



Next was a funky store called Evangeline. This store has been here since the 80s and I visit every time I come to Old Sac. They have the most fun, funky, crazy things here. It’s like eye candy overload, with Technicolor tutus, gag gifts, books, signs, etc. We were there before Halloween and about half the store was COSTUMES! If I lived in Sacramento, Evangeline is definitely where I would shop for Halloween or costume parties.



(I can’t wait to get an iPhone 6; hopefully the quality of my “on-the-go” photos will be better next time!)

On our way back to the parking garage by the Tower Bridge, we made a last stop at the candy store, Candy Heaven. You can take free samples (well, within reason).


This creepy clown is watching you the whole time, so don’t take TOO much free candy!


Back to Discovery Park . . . the tranquil rivers, trees, bridges, and amazing colors . . .






Sacramento, CA is a very picturesque town. We’d planned to go to the State Capitol building and Capital Park but our trip was cut short. As a photo-taker, I was totes bummed. Oh well, there will be a next time! Hope you enjoyed some photos of this pretty town.

Have you been to Sacramento? What were your favorite sites?