Blogging: Ultimate Blog Challenge Wrap-Up

I talked about joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge for October 2014 right HERE. Basically, you try to blog daily for a month, hopefully increasing engagement, networking with other bloggers, etc.

Today is 10-31-14 and we’ve made it through the month. The “Ultimate Blogging Challenge” didn’t go the way I expected it to but it was still fun. I started off strong, posting daily for the first 5 days. Then, of course, “life got in the way” with work and some travel taking up a bunch of my time.

I did manage to get 4 more blog posts done by the end of the month, so 9 total during the challenge period vs. the goal of 31 😀 Even though I fell short, I’m glad I did it and will probably try again next year.

“Wellllll, kind of . . . ”

It was fun finding other bloggers via Twitter (using the hashtag #BlogBoost). I was also listed in the UBC blog directory. To be honest, I don’t think either thing led to much if any traffic to my blog 🙁 That was a letdown because I did make it a point to visit some other UBC bloggers and wish they would’ve returned the favor.

I think blog challenges in general are good. The prompts give you ideas if you’re running dry and the challenge itself is motivating. I encourage other bloggers to do challenges like this one.