You may be wondering where I came up with the name for this site and what it means. Amiright?

Lucky (adj.)  Producing or resulting in good by chance.
Blessed (adj.)  Bringing pleasure, contentment or good fortune; having a sacred nature.

When I was trying to think of a name for this blog I was starting back in 2014, I wanted something that was not super-specific to one topic because I knew I wanted to write about and include different topics and offerings. (This ended up being a good choice because I have recently rebranded the entire site, deleted most of the posts, and have a new direction!).

I thought about my life overall and how I feel about it – family, friends, work, etc. Over the years, I’ve heard phrases like, “I’m not lucky; I’m blessed.” That really resonated with me. Though I’ve always made efforts to be a good person, to work hard and to love hard, I sometimes feel undeserving in a way of how my life has worked out to be so great.

I do believe in a higher power (don’t worry, no proselytizing here! I support you in believing what you believe). I feel like someone or something has watched out for me and blessed me. For me, there’s more to it than sheer luck.

So I’m Blessed Not Lucky.

And I’m grateful every day 💗

Author: Erika

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