You’ve decided that 1. you want to work from home, and 2. that you want to start an online business of your own. But how do you decide WHAT business to start and what to sell?

Decisions, Decisions

There are many ways you can narrow this down. I recently read Your Business Sweet Spot: Simplify Your Business, Amplify Your Results by Racheal Cook and want to suggest you do the same.

Honestly, I got through the majority of the book and was starting to wonder if I’d have any great takeaway. But I’m glad I stuck with it because the payoff came, for me, at the very end.

Are You a Maker, Maven, Mentor, or Mastermind?

In the book, Racheal talks about what your business sweet spot is, how to discover it, and how to align with your sweet spot. The last section about aligning explains that you’re one of four types: Maker, Maven, Mentor, or Mastermind.

Serving as a virtual assistant / service provider for all these years (since 2006), I’ve been in the role of Maker. I’ve happily solved problems for my clients, gotten them organized, and performed the tasks they needed done to build their businesses.

I love VA and transcription work and will always stay active in those areas. However, as I re-start the site, I also plan to take the knowledge I’ve gained in all my years of online work and start sharing it with other moms, so they can benefit from it the way I have.


As I got to the final description – of a Mastermind – I had my a-ha moment! Check this out:

Are You a Mastermind?

If you’re a natural problem-solver …, your Business Sweet Spot centers around taking complex information and teaching us the step-by-step process to achieve our goals. Combined with their natural curiosity and desire to learn, Masterminds love diving into research then synthesizing it into actionable lessons… You naturally see solutions to problems your clients struggle with … In fact, you might see the solutions so clearly that it’s easy to discount the value you bring to the table. Masterminds are the problem-solvers of the world. You see the steps that uncomplicate the process of learning how we can achieve our goals.

WOW. It’s like Racheal was writing about me specifically! Yep, this is totally me. A Mastermind.

We Want You to Teach Us

People reach out to Masterminds when they are overwhelmed with choices or unsure of the right decision. They lean on your expertise to simplify decision-making and help them get momentum toward their goals by having a clear plan to follow… The most successful Masterminds leverage their expertise by synthesizing the best of what they know for others.

I want to teach and encourage you! I can easily take all my work-at-home-mom knowledge and share it with you, saving you a lot of time and energy in the process – since I’ve been there, done that, put it in my planner 🙂

Mastermind Strengths

Curiosity – … When a Mastermind is interested in a topic, they devour everything they can get their hands on. They read, attend workshops, and listen to other great teachers. People quickly know you as the go-to for questions on that topic.

Strategic Thinking – We come to you when we need to be focused on the future. When we come to you with a dream, you help us turn it into an actionable goal.

Synthesizer – When you dive into a new topic, you take information from as many sources as possible.

Eek! Again, it’s like she knows me. This is totally me, lol.

When You See Yourself, You’ll Know It

I did have to laugh at myself as I read about being obsessive when learning a new topic. For instance, when I’ve discovered things like Scrivener book-writing software or the Amazon Associates program, I didn’t just take a course or check one site …. I inhaled every blog post, YouTube video, podcast, webinar, and e-book I could find on each topic 😀 And I tend to do that with every new thing.

I also match with the “strategic thinking” and “synthesizer” parts. In my last “real” job (bwahaha!) before I left to work from home, I was a budget and program analyst. I wrote 40-page strategic plans for my organization with information and research I’d gathered from many sources and synthesized it into a recommendation and reportable plan. Yeah, yeah, see? Mastermind has me written all over it!

Into the Future as a Mastermind

The main reason I’m excited about this is because it solidifies that I’m on the right track and that I’m meant to reach out to others! My dream for a long time has been to help moms like me who NEED to work. However, we want to work from home, so we can be more present for our families and not be so stressed by the traditional 9-to-5 or outside-the-home job.

This is exactly what I’ll be doing on Blessed Not Lucky and I can’t wait to help you realize your work-at-home dream!!

How About You?

Will you be reading Racheal’s book, Your Business Sweet Spot, to see if helps you figure out what type of at-home career to build? Or do you think you already know? Tell me about it in comments!

Author: Erika

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