Ideal Protein with Alternatives: Starting Again April 2016

Do you tend to start diets in springtime? I do. After hibernating for the winter, it’s time to be more active, be outside, and take more trips and day trips.

Photo by:  Ales Krivec

Any time I get motivated to work on weight loss, I go back to Ideal Protein. I haven’t kidded myself to think it’s a forever solution. I mean, it is for some people but I’m not quite there yet 🙂

I used it to lose 10 pounds in a week recently before I went to an event. It was enough to make the day more comfortable but obviously not a long-term amount. I’m ready to start again for a longer term and just hope I can stick with it.

It’s an easy diet to follow as far as clear guidelines, though I adapt them to fit alternative foods and my own peccadillos like that I don’t eat red meat or sweets. It’s also great in that it makes me eat more vegetables than I normally do. The challenge is keeping up with the shopping and food prep with my busy life.

Okay, here we gooo ….