Blogging: Why I Started the “Blessed Not Lucky” Blog

So. This is a fairly new blog, just a few months old and not many entries yet. I have lots of work to do – publishing posts and getting my blog to look the way I want it to – but I’m so happy to have gotten started!

I’ve actually been blogging since 2007 and have two other active blogs – one about my hobby and one for my work-at-home business (transcriber / blogger / virtual assistant).

I *love* blogging which brings together two of my favorite things to do . . . 1. Writing and 2. sharing about the things I love:

– photos
– music
– gratitudes
– writing
– blogging
– weight loss
– travel
– etc.

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Obviously, those aren’t things I get to talk about much on my other blogs – because those are very focused on the topics at hand. I don’t like to mix in too much personal stuff on them because it dilutes their purpose.

But I keep finding myself frustrated that I can’t write or share about all my favorite things listed above. Dang.

So I decided to start THIS blog – “Blessed Not Lucky” – where I could talk about all that fun stuff. I also very much want to connect with other bloggers and blog readers.

Along with all this, I love to laugh about the absurdities of life and have a very sarcastic sense of humor. So we are gonna’ have us some fun!

My dream is for this blog to get better and better, to make some new friends, and to express myself in a more creative way than I’ve been able to in the past.

What’s in it for you? Well, I hope you enjoy reading what I share. I hope you feel blessed by my blog. I hope I make you laugh so hard that coffee shoots out your nose 😀

Wish me luck and I hope you’ll become a regular reader! Do we have anything in common? What types of things do YOU like to read about? I would absolutely LOVE IT if you’d leave a comment below . . .

You Never Know What People Are Dealing With. So Be Kind.

I’ve had some interesting jobs that have allowed me confidential access into the private lives of total strangers. I’ve been a 9-1-1 dispatcher, also a medical and psychological transcriber.

These are not people in my circle. I don’t hang out with them in real life. I don’t partake in their tragedies. I merely observe from safely in my bubble.

I’ve seen and heard things that would make you sick.
Would make you cry.
Would make you want to hit the wall with your fist.

I’ve been angry at the horrors people commit
And I’ve come to understand why they commit them.
I’ve forgiven the unforgivable.  {Not that it was mine to forgive}.

I’ve spoken to a hysterical young mother who accidentally dropped her baby head-first onto fireplace bricks.

I’ve typed a report about a convicted murderer who was a 9-year-old boy once who watched his father shoot his mother, and then himself.

I’ve known a friendly postman who had a drifting smile for every person, and a wife at home with bipolar illness and drug addiction.

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*Image via Unsplash

We are so quick to judge others.
We are so ready to “hang ’em high!”
We think nothing of calling them out online.
We think we could do so much better.
We live easy lives and point fingers.

But you never know what people are dealing with. So please be kind.

Note: Details have been altered to maintain confidentiality.