Gratitudes: Kate Nash, Go “Not Giants”, and New Picoult Novel

I’m not a morning person. AT ALL. So it always surprises me when I have one of those “God, I love life!” mornings. Like today.

– Hazelnut coffee, Kate Nash & He is We on Pandora, and feeling “not frantic” about work today

– Slept well, remembering a nice evening with my family watching the SF Giants lose 😉

– It’s late October and still sunny in the 70s and 80s every day

– Red Sox seat covers arrived (thank you, Amazon!) and I’ll rock them in my new car today

– October bills are paid, monthly Costco trip is done, and we aren’t broke

– Looking forward to starting the new Jodi Picoult novel, “Leaving Time”

jodi picoult leaving time

{And Jodi herself just Retweeted me! Wow, great day!}

Those are the things making me blissful today. How about you?

Music: A New Twist on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

I love to share my cool music finds! Grab a cuppa’ Joe, sit back, relax, and enjoy the New West Guitar Group.

They’re playing this fall at a winery near me and I hope to go check them out. Seems like excellent music to drink wine by, no?

{Okay, YES. If it’s after 1pm where you are, you MAY go grab a glass of wine instead of coffee. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere}.