Blogging: Would You Like to Join Me in a Blogging Challenge?

As you can see, this is a very new blog. I have 2 other established blogs about my hobby and my work – but I’ve started this one to be more personal. I’m going to write about ‘real life’ things, share some photos and thoughts, make you laugh, and have some great conversations with you.

But it all starts with readers, right? I need to get the word out and find some new friends 🙂 Hopefully, that’s you! I’d love to network with other bloggers and find some new blogs that *I* love to read. Maybe we can share ideas, support each other, and be bloggy friends! Maybe we can even do guest posts for each other, who knows? The sky’s the limit.

I found a cool blogging challenge that I hope will help me with all of the above. It’s FREE (that’s my favorite price!) and sounds like a lot of fun. It starts on October 1, 2014 and the goal is to post at least once per day through October 31. I figure even if I don’t meet that goal (hey, I get busy sometimes! LOL), I’ll still have a lot more blog entries than I would on my own. And you can sign up to receive daily blogging ideas and encouragement, not to mention interacting on Facebook and Twitter!

ultimate blog challenge

I’m familiar with Paul Taubman because I’ve learned so much about WordPress from him. I joined the opening webinar about UBC and Danni Ackerman seems awesome, too!

Doesn’t the Ultimate Blog Challenge sound fun! Whether you have an established blog – or a new one like mine – this challenge will hold you accountable for daily posting, gain you some readers/friends, and help your SEO {which means Google will love you more}.

Would you like to join me? If you’re here BECAUSE OF the UBC, will you please say “hi” in Comments? Thanks & I look forward to meeting you!