Blessed Not Lucky

It all started with a gift.

My mom got me a pink hoodie for Christmas.  Across the front, in pretty white script writing it said, “Blessed Not Lucky.”

At first, I just loved the hoodie because it was pink and cute and warm.  But then I kept thinking about it.  “Blessed Not Lucky.”  

And isn’t that how I’d always felt?

Lucky (adj.)  Producing or resulting in good by chance.

Blessed (adj.)  Bringing pleasure, contentment or good fortune; having a sacred nature.

Lucky is based on chance but Blessed is based on something better. Lucky comes from nowhere but Blessed comes from a higher power, whichever one you believe in (or even if you don’t).

Lucky is like a winning lotto ticket. Pure random chance. A numbers game. A coincidence. Your turn, numerically speaking.

Blessed is like a reward. Earned or not. Happens to all but appreciated by few. Bless others and your turn comes sooner. And more often.

Blessed Not Lucky.

That’s how I choose to see the world. How about you?